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Indianapolis Colts, March 28, 1984, when Robert irsay migrated the famous team of NFL from Baltimore to the enthusiasm Midwest Center--Indianapolis, a professional football team Indianapolis Colts was born.

Since 1972, the Colts have been owned by Robert Irsay. The team is worthy of $547 million.

Basic information:Team name: Indianapolis Colts

Team in the city: Indianapolis, Indiana The team belongs to the South Division of AFC:

Main court: Lucas Oil Stadium Super bowl year: 2007 Coach: Chuck Pagano

Regular record of last season: 11 wins and 5 losses Team star players

Andrew Luck, the secretary. Because of the arrival of the talented young quarterback, the Colts gave up the team's legendary player Peyton Manning, and as a matter of fact, Luck does have the potential to become a very outstanding player, entered the league in the first two years, he was named to the Pro Bowl twice, and his superior learning ability makes him continue to move forward, the regular match of last season, he came 4761 yards and took 40 touchdown passes, and now he is only 25 years old, and still have the space to make the progress. Perhaps in another 2-3 years, he will have the ability to rule the League.

T.Y- Hilton, the Secretary of taking over. The unusual speed makes every corner-backs in League afraid, although only entered the League for three years, but he has been successfully selected into the Pro Bowl in the last season, and his achievements of ball over 1000 yards score for the second consecutive season makes him to be the trusted person. With this off-season, the teamí»s merit, Reggie Wayne left the team, he will really take up the burden to move forward. We have reason to look forward to, Hilton took over the quarterback will become the new legend of Colts.

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D'QWell Jackson, secretary. this good grab hold machine just move from Cleveland Browns last season, under the defense gate Lei Jie Er - Freeman injury situation, he takes up the defensive task alone, in the regular season, he got 140 grapple, also completed 4 times escapement killed, 1 forced off the ball, 4 times to retrieve lost the ball and complete a 35 yard return touchdown. It is his outstanding performance makes the Colts defense very tough, with comeback of Freeman's in the next season, the combination of them make any attack cowardly.

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Team status: Last year, the Colts played successfully in the playoffs and even beat the Denver Broncos who has Peyton Manning, but in the final of American League, was beaten by patriot, missed the super bowl. This year, under the influence of many factors, the strength of Patriot reduced, if the Colts can still maintain the strength of this year, it is not impossible for them to reach the super bowl this year, of course, if they want to win the champion. they may also need to strengthen their ground attack. However, his fiery state and solid performance of defense root their capital.

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The team's history dates back to December 28, 1946, when a silver and green color of the Miami Seahawks in the National Football Federation bankrupt, Bob Rodenberg purchased the team and placed it in Baltimore. However, in order to reflect the famous historical breeding race of Baltimore, a lot of fans voted with the colts". Then, the "Colts" became the team's new name.

But in 1951, due to the colts faced the economic crisis, the NFL disbanded the team. In 1953, when the NFL migrated the team which owned by Carroll Rosenbloom to Baltimore, Colts born again, but need to retain the original Dallas team colors--blue and white.

Since the Colts moved to Indianapolis, they never took the super bowl. But get the United States joint Southern District champion for three times in a row , colts, now seems to have been ready to win the super bowl again.

Indianapolis is the capital of the central United States Indiana, is also the largest city in the state. The greatest characteristic of Indianapolis is his role in the occupational sports center. The city has F1 Indiana 500 stage, the NBA's Indiana pedestrian team and the NFL's Indiana Colts. In NFL 2006-2007 season, Indianapolis Colts are ranked third in the playoffs of regular season, firstly, the Colts beats the Kansas City Chiefs in scores of 23:8; then beats the Baltimore Ravens in scores of 15:6; lastly, 38:34 kill the New England Patriots, won the American League Championship and reached the super bowl.