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Colts coach Chuck Pagano announced Tuesday that the defensive end Kendall Langford will miss the next three to four weeks, restore his knee arthroscopy surgery. This will make him in the starting time of the season returns to normal, in action, while any delay his recovery will obviously questionable.

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Langford is a rare inclusions on the injured list as he took part in every game his team since entered the league since 2008, played with the Dolphins. He has 38 tackles and seven sacks while starting all 16 contests for the Colts last year.

Langford's knee injury last week. Magnetic resonance imaging experiments have shown that "cartilage defect," according to Pagano. Dr. James Andrews conducted a range, Langford is expected to return to the team Thursday.

According to Stanford Health Care, a chondral defect refers to damage to the articular cartilage, the ends of the bones.

"He'll be back in his three to four weeks," Pagano said.

This will get Langford being ready for the opener and threaten his durability streak. He has appeared in all 128 regular season games, selected by the Miami since the third round of the 2008 draft, the longest winning streak among defensive linemen.

Pagano still keep optimistic, Langford will be ready.

Although injured, Pagano still believe Langford will come back to the team's regular season opener recovery timeline and veteran of good durability.

"You know that 3-4 weeks, so know Kendall, I mean, he is an iron man. I think he’s got one of the most consecutive games now among all positive defenders in the league today, so I'm counting on it."

It’s a big loss for the Colts starting defensive line even for pre-season games. Last season, Langford has always been the team's best defenders in the course of the year, make the 38 tackles and tying for the team-high with 7 sacks in all 16 starts.

Kendall Langford, defensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts, because they are reliable. He has never missed a NFL game, there is a row of 128 games. He started 106, but still play in all 16 every year, even if he did not start.

This impressive streak is nearing the end of the danger, because, according to a report he recently had a knee scope. The Colts now says he will miss three to four weeks.

The Colts is a team that is far from elite defensive. They pretty much live and die by how well QB Andrew Luck plays, especially the backup Matt Hasselbeck is gone. If they really want to be one of the best team in the alliance, they will need to improve in defence. , of course, losing all of their starting defensive forward is not the way to do it, so they must hope that Langford is healthy for the regular season.