Indianapolis Colts jerseys

Colts Jerseys

A Colts Jersey is the ultimate thing to sport when it's time to band together for your Colts. Whether they're in the stands at the stadium or at home with friends, all Colts faithful feel the camaraderie when they wear their favorite Indianapolis Colts Jerseys. Show off your allegiance in an official Andrew Luck, TY Hilton and Vontae Davis Colts Jersey from Nike. We have Colts Jerseys for all the top players so every fan can honor the tradition of Colts football while representing their top pick.

Here is an in-depth look into the home game Elite Indianapolis Colts jerseys.

The Elite lite is 91% nylon and 9% spandex for the main body. and 85% Nylon and 12% spandex for the mesh, it has a thicker and more rigid feel, but the mesh is quite soft but the wholesale jersey is stretchable.

The number on the Elite Jersey is double stitched and the ascending white border is slightly raised. The color around the feather design is a lighter grey than on the limited Jersey.

The numbers in Elite Jersey have a length about 9.75" (0.5" longer on the elite Jersey") and The width is 5.75" (0.5" wider than the limited")

Indianapolis Colts jerseys

The Elite Indianapolis Colts Jersey fly wire is a dark navy blue/back and has a slight shine to it. The NFL shield is also rubber, but has a slight metallic sheen.

On the Elite, the royal blue design starts lower on the collar and appears to be slightly skinnier in width. The collar is stitched at the top, where the mesh and body meet and where the rest of the grey is. The sizing tag is stitched on and has unique manufacturer code for each jersey. It is also clear in print.

The number on the back of the Elite Jersey is considerably larger than the front number. The Length is about 11.75” and the Width is about 6.75".

Mesh on Elite jersey consist of the upper and lower back, the sides, and the lower portion of the front of the jersey.

So there you have it. A complete shoppers guide to the ultimate home game elite cheap Jersey.